Three Syracuse officers are to thank for saving the life of a man in distress last week.

On the afternoon of September 2, Officers Joseph Tolone, James Pastorello and Mitch Anthony responded to a call at the 600 block of Genant Drive after reports came in of a man in distress on the top of an abandoned building. When the officers arrived, they found a man in his 50s threatening self-harm.

The officers worked quickly to make contact with the man. While Officer Tolone talked to the man on the phone, Officers Pastorello and Anthony climbed to the roof to meet the man. Officer Tolone had a lengthy conversation with the man, de-escalating the situation. In time, he convinced the man to not harm himself and instead go with the officers to the hospital.

The Syracuse Police Department shared the good news on its Facebook page Monday, commending Officers Tolone, Pastorello and Anthony for their patient and compassionate police work. Their interaction with this man experiencing a mental health crisis saved a life and allowed the man to receive treatment. Fantastic work, officers!

Last month, Syracuse officers' quick thinking led to the life-saving rescue of a 1-year-old child who had been drowning in a bathtub. Officers Joseph Blazey and Shaquille Muhammad responded to the call and immediately performed first aid and CPR on the young boy. After a few moments, the boy coughed up water and began breathing again.

Since saving the 1-year-old's life, Officers Blazey and Muhammad both received the highest honor within the Syracuse Police Department... a Departmental Commendation. Thank you for your amazing work, officers.

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