You have to wonder how these low - life's  are so good at pulling off these scams. The latest attempt at trying to steal your personal information comes in the form of a text alert appearing to be from the New York DMV.

I received one of these myself, displayed in this screenshot:

Screenshot of DMV Text Scam

With the current COVID-19 upheaval closing or severely limiting in-person transactions at local offices, we've been forced to renew licenses, registrations, and other forms of identification electronically. Scammers are relying on the ensuing confusion hoping we'll let our guard down and click on a link.

While New York's DMV offices are aware of the trickery, there's little they can do other than warn consumers about the potential scam. Which they are doing by posting the following warning on their Facebook page:

WARNING: This text message did not come from DMV. If you get a suspicious text asking for personal information, DO NOT RESPOND. That text is phony and you should delete it right away.

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