Volkswagen has announced the end of the line for the iconic Beetle.

Either you had one or you know someone who did. And if you know someone who owned a Beetle, chances are that person owned more than one, and will be at least a little upset by this news.

Last week Volkswagen announced that they will stop making Beetles in July 2019.

Sales of the Beetle are way down in the U.S., where car buyers are opting for larger cars and SUV's, so Volkswagen is pulling the plug.

Production of the Beetle has stopped and started back up before in the U.S., with the last time production stopped being in 1979. Then the “New Beetle” redesign of the 1990's was released in the U.S., and sold more than 80,000 in 1999.

It looks like this time the 'Bug' is gone for good, although VW is planning a special 'Final Edition' Beetle that will be made in the only factory in the world that still makes them in Mexico.

VW group of America CEO Hinrich Woebcken told The Huffington Post they expect fans of the Beetle to be upset at least a bit:

“The loss of the Beetle after three generations, over nearly seven decades, will evoke a host of emotions from the Beetle’s many devoted fans,” Woebcken said.

Originally designed in the 1930's by Ferdinand Porsche, the 'Bug' first came to America in 1949.

In my family, legend has it my Uncle(who is a huge Beetle lover and still owns one) actually floated one of his Beetles across the barge canal in Ilion back in the '70's, then hopped in and drove it!

Are you a Beetle lover? We would love to hear your favorite VW 'Bug' memories.



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