Plans are in place to outlaw the smoking alternative because of the number of children that have been using them.

The New York Post is reporting the new law would ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, but not non-flavored e-cigs.


The New York State Heath Department is concerned due to data that shows NY's young people have been using them more than ever.

"New York-State specific surveillance data shows that youth e-cigarette use has risen at a dramatic rate over just the last four years, driven primarily by the abundance of e-liquid flavors," The Health Department said in the New York State Register.

According to the Post, 'vaping' among high school students has increased by 160% in the last four years, and studies have shown that it's the flavored 'vape juice' that attracts youth because they believe the sweet flavors are less harmful.

Another concern is the high levels of nicotine.

"The newest and most popular e-cigarettes deliver high levels of nicotine, the addictive component in all tobacco products,” the state Health Department said.

The ban could be put in place in 2019 after a 60 day review period.

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