A Saratoga Springs police officer has been suspended and could lose his job after pepper spraying a motorist for flipping him the bird. Adam Rupeka was pulled over after demonstrating his first Amendment rights, giving Officer Nathan Baker the finger. When Rupeka asked what crime he had committed, the officer asked him to step out of the vehicle. Rupeka again, asked why he was pulled over and Baker pepper sprayed him in the face. The entire incident was caught on Rupeka's dashboard camera.

Rupeka was arrested for resisting arrest, and ticketed for an obstructed view for having the camera on the dash. The charges were later dismissed.

Chief of Police Greg Veitch released a statement: “The suspension of a police officer for job related conduct is a serious matter. The disciplinary process is governed by law and court decisions that we will adhere to as we move forward. The public expects that officers will be held accountable for their actions and sometimes this does not happen as quickly as some would like. No timeframe can be predicted for a complete resolution of this matter.”

Chief Veitch is looking to terminate Officer Baker’s employment with the department.

Ruepka plans to sue the department, which is no surprise since he's heard telling the officer "I'm going to sue the S*** out of you guys."

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