Who knew Santa could surf? Jolly Old St Nick has been spotted catching waves on Lake Erie.

Aurelien Bouche-Pillon of Irondequoit, near Rochester hit the waves Thursday, December 2nd at Hamburg Beach. "Today was a perfect day to go surfing, the sun is out, you've got beautiful Buffalo in the background," Bouche-Pillon told WKBW. "The wind and the waves were perfect. It's a great way to enjoy Lake Erie."

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The France native has been surfing the Great Lakes for over a decade, according to WXXI News. The last four years Frenchy, as his friends call him, has put on a Santa suit and surfed the waves of Lake Ontario to celebrate the holiday season. "I hope to do it for another hundred years."

Photo Credit - Jeff Morre

Bouche-Pillon considers himself a kid at heart and hopes surfing Santa brings joy and reminds everyone to stay young and keep dreaming. "I do it because Santa is meaningful to kids and I think I never quite grew up. Surfing is a dream to me and I also think Santa comes from dreams for the holidays. It's to keep a good spirit and share it with people."

This isn't the last time we'll see Santa surfing the Great Lake waves this holiday season. "There's many more to come," said Bouche-Pillon as he watched the sun set on Lake Ontario.

Photo Credit - Aurélien Bouché-Pillon