As many of us will be taking a road-trip during the "Frog Days of Fall", you might find it interesting which cities are safest and most dangerous to drive in. According to an article from Netscape, the seventh annual Allstate America"s Best Drivers' Report lists the top 10 in both categories.

Top 10 Safest Cities To Drive In:

10. Chattanooga, Tennessee

9. Eugene, Oregon

8. Reno, Nevada

7. Springfield, Missouri

6. Knoxville, Tennessee

5. Huntsville, Alabama

4. Chandler, Arizona

3. Lincoln, Nebraska

2. Boise, Idaho

And the number one safest city to drive in - Fort Collins, Colorado

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities To Drive In:

10. Alexandria, Virginia

9. San Francisco, California

8. Jersey City, New Jersey

7. Hartford, Connecticut

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5. Providence, Rhode Island (I knew it)!

4. Newark, New Jersey

3. Glendale, California

2. Baltimore, Maryland

And the number one most dangerous city to drive in - Washington, DC