The 4 year-old Taberg girl who had a rare tumor removed from her brain will now need radiation.

Amelia had surgery after doctors discovered the golf ball sized, stage 3 tumor during a CT scan. Amelia's mom Chantelle Nobis, says doctor believe it's a menegioma tumor. "It forms on membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord just inside the skull. These tumors are often slow-growing," according to

90% of these tumors are benign. Unfortunately for Amelia, she falls into the 10%.

Hopefully after this radiation is finished, and nothing ever comes up on an MRI, she won’t need this again

Amelia was taken to the hospital after she started acting strange. “She was kind of disoriented and walked into the wall. The next day she woke up fine and was running around, but over the next couple of days we noticed her eye was wandering like a lazy eye. She was stumbling a bit too. We thought she had a concussion. My gut instinct was to take her to the ER."

"A world specialist will now look over Amelia's case to give a final diagnosis that should come back in 2 weeks," says Nobis.

The family is preparing for the next step; proton-beam radiation that will be on her brain only. "This type of radiation is not found in New York. The closest is New Jersey or Boston," says Nobis.

Amelia will receive radiation every weekday for 6-8 weeks.

"Hopefully after this radiation is finished, and nothing ever comes up on an MRI, she won't need this again," prays Nobis.

Co-workers created Amelia's Army to alleviate the financial worries the family is now facing. You can donate on, to help the family with unexpected medical and travel expenses.

Amelia's aunt Jill is making and selling bracelets to help cover medical expenses as well. If you want to help by purchasing one, you can contact Jill on Facebook.

Jill Nobis
Jill Nobis

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