What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. A 4 year-old Taberg girl is proof after having a rare tumor removed from her brain.

Chantelle Nobis took her daughter Amelia to the hospital after she started acting strange about a week ago. "She was kind of disoriented and walked into the wall. The next day she woke up fine and was running around, but over the next couple of days we noticed her eye was wandering like a lazy eye. She was stumbling a bit too. We thought she had a concussion. My gut instinct was to take her to the ER," says Chantelle.

The whole half of her brain was a huge white circle. Even doctors after removing it said 'it just kept coming.' It was massive

What doctors discovered, was a large, rare tumor, usually found in adults that may been slowly growing since birth. "The whole half of her brain was a huge white circle. Even doctors after removing it said 'it just kept coming.' It was massive."

Chantelle says doctors used their "yellow magic wand" to remove the tumor and the surgery not only took less time than expected, it couldn't have been more successful. "God's hands were there because it couldn't have gone any better."

Doctors believe the tumor is benign but they won't know for sure until testing comes back Monday.

Despite coming through the surgery with flying colors, Chantelle says Amelia still needs all the prayers and good thoughts she can get. "She is a strong cookie but she still has a long way to go."

While Pete and Chantelle waited for the results, the community came together to offer support, by wearing yellow, Amelia's favorite color. "We needed people to lift us up and that's what held us together."

In addition to wearing yellow, friends and neighbors pitched in, helping with the chores on the family farm, bringing food or just sending up a prayer, something Pete Nobis says they aren't use to, but are grateful for. "We don't like to take help. We're very strong but we're beyond words. It just shows you all the good in the world and we can't wait to pay it forward."

Chantelle will take time off work from teaching at Whiteboro School to be with her daughter. Her co-worker created Amelia's Army to alleviate the financial worries the family is now facing. You can donate on GoFundMe.com, to help the family with unexpected medical and travel expenses.

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