A 4 year-old Taberg girl is going through surgery today after being taken to the hospital with what her parents thought was a concussion. Turns out Amelia Nobis had a brain tumor.

Pete and Chantelle Nobis took their daughter to the emergency room Saturday, thinking she was suffering from a concussion. A CT scan showed a tumor in her brain the size of a golf ball. They transferred to Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse where Amelia has been recieving steriods to reduce the swelling in her brain around the tumor.

Pete is a self employed farmer and Chantelle is a music teacher for Whitesboro Central School District at the Middle School Campus. They have two other children, 2 year-old Hayden 2 and Blake who is 6 weeks.

Co-workers created Amelia's Army to alleviate the financial worries the family is now facing. You can donate on GoFundMe.com, to help the family with unexpected medical and travel expenses.

Amelia will be in surgery for 10 hours today to remove the tumor. Amelia's Army is showing their support by wearing yellow (Amelia's favorite color) todaym including her parents from the hospital room. If you'd like to share your yellow photo, send to Polly@bigfrog104.com.

Pete and Chantelle Nobis
Pete and Chantelle Nobis

Amelia's Army Wears Yellow

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