Believe it or not... there's more history to Route 20 in New York State than you might have known!

What some people argue is the best scenic route through the state and country, others just call it their commute to and from work. Regardless, Route 20 stretches on for a LONG time and has a ton of history to it's name.

But here's a nugget of knowledge you might not have already known!

Credit - Historic Route 20 via Facebook
Credit - Historic Route 20 via Facebook

The High's of New York

Along Route 20's long run, there aren't many higher points to the road then right here in Upstate New York. Literally!

According to Historic Route 20, the highest point of the road in New York is in Richfield Springs. The top of the hill sits at 1741 feet, just 34 feet shy of the highest point in Massachusetts.

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What some thought was only a spot to see how fast your car could go, is actually more historic than you realized.

Credit - Historic Route 20 via Facebook
Credit - Historic Route 20 via Facebook

Not only that, but Route 20 doesn't reach this elevation again until you hit Randolph, Nebraska. And considering we're comparing to Nebraska, we can just act like it's even further than that.

In all seriousness, that's roughly 1,300 miles from Richfield Springs to Randolph. I'd say that's a pretty cool fact to brag about! That's if you know anyone who's easily impressed.

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You might also not know that Route 20 has a new name! Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation in 2022, officially changing it's name to the "New York Medal of Honor Highway". It's a change that 10 other states already made along the roads 3,300 mile stretch.

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