A heartbroken Rome woman is losing her hair and she says tainted shampoo is to blame.

Rosalinda Rodriquez says her hair started falling out in clumps after using shampoo she believes was mixed with Nair. "As I was rinsing my hair chucks started to fall out. I feared the worst so I jumped out of the shower and started brushing my hair. That’s when I started to see all the hair just falling out of my head."

Photo Credit - Rosalinda Rodriguez

Rodriquez says she noticed an odd odor in her bottle of TRESemme Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. "It smelled really funny, like something was off, but I honestly thought nothing of it at first."

After Rodriquez started losing her hair she says she knew the smell was from the hair removal product. "That’s when I realized someone had mixed Nair into my brand new shampoo."

Despite Rodriquez's best efforts to save her hair, she says it's only getting worse. "Now my hair is dead and continues breaking off. I have no choice but to cut it off."

Someone has offered to fix Rodriquez's hair for free but she says the damage is already done. "This really broke my heart. My hair is important to me and I worked so hard to get it full and long and now it’s so thin and damaged, so many pieces are just gone."

Photo by Rosalinda Rodriguez

Rodriquez claims she contacted the Walmart on Commercial Drive in New Hartford. "Walmart said it wasn't their problem."

We also contacted Walmart and spoke with Willie, who wouldn't give his last name, but claimed to be the manager, said they were not aware of the situation. Emails were also sent to Walmart's corporate office. We are waiting to hear back.

A spokesperson from Pantene did say, "our hair care products do not cause or speed up hair loss." A great deal of work has gone into the development, evaluation, and testing of all our Pantene products to ensure they’re safe for use as directed, and we maintain an ongoing monitoring program for quality and safety."

This isn't the first time someone claimed tainted shampoo caused hair loss. Taffy Jo Timm said her Pantene shampoo, that she bought at a Wisconsin Walmart, was also mixed with Nair. She shared on Facebook, her daughter Ashley lost clumps of hair and had to shave her head. "Ashley went to get a consultation for extensions but her hair is so brittle and still falling out they can’t do anything."

It's not known what caused either woman to lose their hair. Tests would need to be done on both shampoos to confirm what was actually in each product. Rodriquez just hopes her warning will spare others from losing their hair too. "People need to know how bad this truly is," says Rodriquez.

If this IS from someone mixing products as pranks, it's not funny and it needs to stop! These idiots need to go back to eating Tide Pods. At least they're only harming themselves rather than hurting others.

Photo by Rosalinda Rodriguez

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