The pig that's been on the lam in Rome for over two weeks has finally been captured. And all it took was a little love in the air.

George Defazio, who's been trying to catch 'Piggy Smalls' since he escaped Wednesday, September 12th called in a little help; his friend Ann and her mini pot belly pig Daisy Mae.

Photo Credit: Ann Brown
Photo Credit: Ann Brown

"He was all over Daisy Mae," says Ann. After that it was easy to throw a net over the pig, capturing him safely.

"Between people stopping and yelling 'there's the pig,' to others wanting to pet Ann's pig and trying to get photos, we were lucky we were able to capture him at all," says George. "Thankfully Daisy Mae was in heat, so natural instincts kicked in."

What's the future hold for Piggy Smalls? First a new name. Ann says she's changing it to GD in honor of George DeFazio, and she's taking him home. "He'll learn to walk on a leash, interact with children and people and be house broken. He will also be very spoiled."

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