Bellamy Harbor Park in Rome is a place to walk, fish or just enjoy the scenery and relax. But the scenery has been ruined by trash, including a needle.

Charles Sheppard discovered the needle while taking a stroll through the Park and wanted to bring attention to the issue. "I'm hoping authorities and the public keep an eye out. God forbid a child steps on the needle."

Heroin use is an epidemic, especially in Oneida County where there is the highest heroin overdose death rate in the state. Overdose deaths related reached record highs in New York state in 2014, according to WIBX, rising faster than in nearly every other state.

The needle wasn't the only trash in the park. Sheppard saw old rusted shopping carts and garbage scattered everywhere. He posted the photos on Facebook, hoping to bring awareness and encourage everyone to pitch in and pick up.

Charles Sheppard
Charles Sheppard


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