Have you found a tick? Experts predict the tick problem will be the highest in years in New York and you should check yourself and your animals.

So I checked and not only did I find several on our dog, I found one in MY HAIR! Needless to say I freaked out a little. I immediately took a shower and have felt like they were crawling on me every since.

Not long after the tick debacle I had a small itch on my wrist. Quickly the itch turned into a huge bump. What the heck? I was at home cooking dinner when it happened. It wasn't like I was outside to get bitten.


I don't know what was worse; the unexplained bite or finding a tick in my hair.

To protect yourself the New York Health Department suggests wearing light clothing to spot ticks and other bugs easily. Use bug spray. Stick to the open trails when in the woods. Avoid dense areas and don’t sit on the ground. When you get home, shower within two hours. And don’t forget to check yourself for ticks or bites.

If find a tick, what do you do? Remove it properly. Grab it near the mouth as close to the skin as possible with tweezers. Pull up and away from the skin. Do NOT use kerosene, matches or Vaseline to remove it.

Have you ever found a tick on yourself?


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