Every central New Yorker has cleaned snow from their vehicle, but a Rome father had to clean it from the inside, thanks to his curious son.

Bryan Brockway just bought a new vehicle and when he brought it home his 6 year-old son Jarvis wanted to check it out. "I let him sit up front just to see the radio and everything."

The radio wasn't the only thing Jarvis payed with. "He apparently wanted to see how the windows worked too," says Brockway. "I was getting my newborn out and didn’t even check."

Photo Credit - Bryan Brockway

The next morning Brockway went out to warm up and clean off his brand new vehicle. "I was like OH MY GOD. I just started laughing and went in to tell told my wife she was going to have to sit in the back because frosty took a dump in the front."

Cleaning snow off the outside of a vehicle is much easier than cleaning the inside. Brockway says it took 2 hours using "a shop-vac, towels and a lot of cursing."

Photo Credit - Bryan Brockway