A cancelled flight in Rochester has turned an Uber driver into a local celebrity. Chris Costello took actor Joel McHale on a 6 hour adventure along the New York State Thruway so he'd make his appearance on Jimmy Fallon.

McHale's flight out of Rochester was cancelled Wednesday, April 18th. He needed to be on Fallon in New York City that night so McHale called Uber. Costello agreed to the 6 hour drive that included laughs, a speeding ticket and a down pour.

"We’re going to hydroplane all the way from upstate," McHale wrote on Instagram.

The trip also included a speeding ticket that even McHale's Hollywood status couldn't get them out of. "We got pulled over for driving 9 miles over the limit," McHale tells Fallon. The cop finally recognized McHale but gave Costello a ticket anyway.

How much does a 6 hour Uber ride actually cost? $561, a cost McHale thought was reasonable. "He was an amazing driver. You couldn't see 15 feet in front of you but he was the best Uber driver I've ever had," said McHale.

The feeling was mutual. Costello called McHale "one of the most humble, hilarious and generous people I have had the pleasure of meeting."


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