A wise man once said "see tragedy, and the world is tragic - see beauty, and the world is beautiful." The tragic Orlando mass shooting has brought out the beauty from around the world. From landmarks being lit up to candlelight vigils, the world stands together with the victims and their families. A Rochester gay couple felt the love after a random act of kindness.

Alexander and his boyfriend Jeff were enjoying a meal at a Rochester restaurant when instead of a bill, the waitress dropped off a note from a woman and child who just left that read: "Have a great night! Humanity showed it's worst this weekend so it just felt right to do something nice today."

"I was puzzled and confused, mostly because I'm not usually the type that even gets a drink bought for them, but then I read the note and paused," Alexander wrote on Facebook. "I can't stop thinking, or better yet 'feeling', about how genuinely sweet this woman's gesture was to me, my boyfriend, and our family together. How fortunate that child is to have such a tolerant and kind caretaker. We need more people who teach love over hate."

The couple were at a Rochester nightclub the same evening and time of the Orlando tragedy and Alexander says "I'm so thankful for this woman's reminder to be kind and loving to everyone, including strangers, without a reason... Just because."


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