Richard Branson of the company Virgin not only has a successful career filled with plenty of money, he has plenty of successful April Fools pranks under his belt. In 1989, he pulled off one of the greatest pranks in London. 

In 1989, Virgin built a UFO to fly over London in the early hours of April Fools Day. The ship even had an alien to come out and greet planet Earth when it landed.

Branson shared the story on his Virgin blog:

We took off at about 4am, flying over London with strobe lights blinking every 10 seconds. By the time wed reached the motorway it was beginning to get light. We could see every single vehicle grinding to a halt and hundreds of people looking up at the UFO flying over them.

It was great fun watching their reactions. What we didnt know was three police forces had been mobilised, the army had been alerted and radio and TV stations had all gone on the air about a UFO flying low over London!

The police surrounded us and then sent one lone policeman with his truncheon across the field to greet the alien. The UFOs door opened very slowly, with tonnes of dry ice billowing from it. A dwarf that we had carried on board, dressed in an ET outfit, walked down the platform towards the bobby. He promptly turned and ran in the opposite direction! The police initially didnt see the funny side of it and threatened to arrest us for wasting their time. But they soon joined in the general merriment of it."

It's nice to see even rich people have an amazing sense of humor.



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