Of all the things that have been new and improved over the years, the Red Solo Cup may not by the first thing that comes to mind.  But there have been many improvements to Toby Keith's favorite drinking vessel.  Check out these three design changes.



First, the Solo logo in the side of the cup.  It's all about marketing these days and you have to keep your name out there for all to see.







Second, "No Slip Grip."  How many times have you been at a party and after a few, had the cup slip right through your hand .  I swear I saw it happen to a guy drinking a cranberry something while standing on his brother's new white carpet.  That's what a guy gets for drinking a "fruity drink."





Third, a "square bottom."  Obviously reduces the number of times you reach for your drink with blurred vision, misjudge the distance leading you to knock it over rather than pick it up.   This improvement concerns me the most.  How will this effect the cups performance in "Flip Cup?"  Am I going to get more or less bounce?  This will need to be properly tested, first in the lab and then in some actual competitions.  Anyone up for help with the testing?