Reba and Blake Shelton are giving back to their home state.  Their tornado relief concerts raised 500 thousand dollars for Oklahoma.  They played two sold-out shows last week, singing duets and providing harmony on each other's hits.  Their only solo numbers came during the encore, with Shelton going it alone for "Ol' Red" and Reba taking the spotlight for "Fancy."  Kelly Clarkson even stopped by for a special appearance on Thursday. 

Reba and Blake performed their "Tornado Relief Concert" to support the Tushka Disaster Relief Fund, which is helping residents in Atoka Country, Oklahoma rebuild following an April 14th tornado.  Two people were killed in the storm, which also destroyed a number of homes, businesses and a school.

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Kenny Chesney held his own memorable and emotional relief concert in Tuscaloosa.  The city Mayor urged Chesney to being his "Goin' Coastal" tour to town despite a tornado April 27th.  Kenny wasn't sure he was "doing the right thing" by playing - until he took the stage.  He says he felt "honored" to perform.  Alabama native Mac McAnnaly, who collaborated with Kenny on "Back Where I Come From" and "Down the Road" stopped by for a few songs as well.  Kenny also covered the Alabama hit "My Home's in Alabama," which he calls the "highlight" of the concert.  He says performing the song was one of the most emtional moments he and his band have ever had on stage.  Check out the video on YouTube.  Kenny shared his thoughts of the show on his facebook page.All proceeds from the show were donated to  And if there is any doubt the area could use all the help they can get, just look at the devastation below.