Every Saturday morning, Kari highlights some of her favorite new country songs during the new 9 a.m. show, Country on the Rise.

From new songs by artists you already know and love to tunes from country up-and-comers, Country on the Rise covers the industry's latest gems and gives them their much-deserved spotlight.

Here are Kari's featured songs for Country on the Rise's February 6 episode.

HARDY - "Give Heaven Some Hell"

HARDY's latest single raises a glass to a late friend, and provides a little comfort for those who have ever lost a loved one. The "Give Heaven Some Hell" music video stars HARDY along some of his real-life friends, including "Some Girls" singer Jameson Rodgers.

Caitlyn Smith (feat. Old Dominion) - "I Can't"

Caitlyn Smith is certainly a country up-and-comer to keep an eye on. She has such a powerful and unique that's impossible to ignore, and this collaboration with Old Dominion is simply everything.

Ashley McBryde - "Martha Divine"

Ashley McBryde is giving us major badass vibes in her new single "Martha Divine," and it looks like there may be a follow-up to the song's story, as the music video ends with "To Be Concluded."

Cody Johnson (feat. Reba) - "Dear Rodeo"

If you're a country music purist, you need to listen to Texas boy Cody Johnson. Without a doubt, he has one of the most stunning and pure voices in country music, taking us right back to country's roots, and with the help of the rodeo queen herself, Johnson takes us to the rodeo.

Robyn Ottolini - "F-150"

Robyn Ottolini gifted us with the perfect song for getting over an ex. After releasing "F-150" an an independent artist in 2020, Ottolini is climbing the charts and giving us a reason to turn up the radio dial and scream these lyrics out the window.

Dan + Shay - "Glad You Exist"

Dan + Shay never cease to amaze, and that sentiment is true yet again in "Glad You Exist." This song shows their true appreciation for everyone who has a hand in their personal and career-related success, from friends and family to fans and industry professionals. And as always, Shay Mooney's vocals and Dan Smyer's harmonies are EVERYTHING.

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