In a word; AMAZING!  Our second acoustic show with Randy Houser, Heidi Newfield and Andy Gibson had the crowd clapping, dancing and singing along.  What was your favorite part of the show?

Andy Gibson kicked things off.  His highlight of the night for me, came when he sang Big & Rich's 'Lost in This Moment' in Spanish.  The ladies were definitely swooning , including Heidi Newfield.  In addition to his own songs, Andy sang 'Don't You Wanna Stay,' the song he co-wrote, Roy Orbison's 'Pretty Woman' and The Beatles 'Get Back,' proving he can sing anything, AND in two languages.

Heidi Newfield, the most underrated female country singer in Nashville, was up next and got the crowd raring to go with 'Pour Me' from her Trick Pony days; harmonica playing and all.

It's hard for me to pick a Heidi highlight of the night.  Her powerful voice had you hanging on every word she sang. Her sense of humor had you laughing at everything she said, making it difficult to pick just one moment.  How this woman isn't a superstar like Carrie Underwood or Martina McBride is beyond me.  What a voice!  Plus she's one of the nicest people I've ever met.  The only person I know who may out talk me.

Randy Houser didn't disappoint either.  I waited all day for 'Anything Goes' and it was beyond my expectations.

In addition to Randy's amazing voice, he has one of the best laughs I've heard.  It's so infectious.  He should record a song with his laugh on it.  Oh wait, someone did record his laugh, over and over. Check it out and save it for anytime you're having a bad day.  It'll make you smile every time.

Randy, Heidi and Andy weren't only fantastic on stage, but off as well.  They stayed until the last fan had all their autographs and pictures taken, including Elvis.

Shayna Fick

There were lots of laughs, great music and hugs when the night was over.  I can't wait to do it all again.  Who's with me?