We're rewarding kindness with concert tickets.

February 11 to 17, 2024 is Random Acts of Kindness week. We want to highlight the big hearts in Central New York by rewarding kindness with tickets to see Dierks Bentley at Lakeview in Syracuse on Friday, August 16.

I say it every day. Be kind to one another. Even if it's just a smile. It costs nothing and can go a long way.

Have you been the recipient of an act of kindness? It could be something as simple as someone letting you into traffic or allowing you to jump the line at the grocery store. Something that just made you smile.

It could be something big like becoming a Partner in Hope and helping save a life with St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Whatever it is, we want to hear and share these incredible acts of kindness all week.

Tell us about the person who performed a moment of kindness below. Polly and Tad will highlight one random act of kindness every morning at 8:10 for Random Acts of Kindness week. They'll also reward both the person who performed the kindness and you for sharing it.

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