What do you get when you mix catapults and pumpkins? 'Punkin Chunkin' of course, and it's quickly becoming an art form in Clayton, NY.

Every fall, Chunkin enthusiasts gather in Clayton for the annual 'Punkin Chunkin Contest,' where groups bring their homemade contraptions to see who can launch a pumpkin the farthest into the St. Lawrence River.

Contestants have been bringing out their garage-built catapults and trebuchets to Clayton for the last seven years, and this year was no different.

One of the fan favorites is the 'Chunk Norris,' which may have had the longest launch of the weekend.

You can see video of the 'Chunk Norris' arriving to the competition....

And watch as the biggest launchers send their pumpkins to a watery grave. The 'Chunk Norris' may have the most impressive launch of the weekend...

Check out even more of the competition, including even more of the massive launchers in this video...

How cool does this event look? We're thinking maybe next year Big Frog 104 and our listeners need to enter!


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