An annual tradition is returning to Upstate New York, Punkin' Chuckin'. Catapults, autumns favorite gourd combine for quite the spectacle.

This proves there has to be a competition for everything. People year after year build catapult's to see if theirs can indeed launch a pumpkin the farthest. Some do this into wide open fields, but it is best seen on a major river. Right near the Canadian border is the St. Lawrence river. That is where everything gets thrown in, with raw force. Not only the adults get to be involved with the Punkin' Chunkin', there is a youth competition to launch these gourds into the river too. That kicks off at 11am, while the adults get their time to shine starting at 230pm.

It is quite the visual. So simple, yet so gratifying to watch. But beyond heading to the Thousand Islands to see the Punkin' Chunkin', there is far more to do. It truly is a whole day packed with something for everyone in the family to do. One of those things is a barbeque contest, featuring many well known BBQ establishments. You're able to taste the yummy food for yourself. You'll also see some vendors on hand and a plethora of fall themed items at the Farmers Market that also is happening for the duration of the event.

Want to see it all? Head to the 1000 Islands ,Clayton Chamber of Commerce
located at 517 Riverside Drive in Clayton. Or head to the 1000 Islands Clayton website here for more info.

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