If your propane is costing more or deliveries are being delayed, you need to contact the New York Attorney General who is looking into possible price gouging after the recent cold temperatures.

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued an alert after receiving a number of complaints of propane delivery delays and possible price gouging. If you experience excessive delays or potential price gouging call 518-776-2000 or file a complaint online.

"No New Yorkers should have to freeze in this weather, and my office is looking into cases of unacceptable delivery delays and potential price gouging," said Attorney General Schneiderman. "Any New Yorker being overcharged or left in the cold without propane should contact my office immediately."

There are several options to heat your home and the Attorney General is urging New Yorkers to investigate their options. Fuel oil and propane prices can vary and prices can fluctuate through the heating season. You're advised to look over all the terms and conditions in any agreement you sign, including any fees or charges for deliveries, minimum purchase requirements or other conditions.


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