When we were asked to rate the best cups of coffee in Central New York, I volunteered.  I'm a huge a coffee drinker.  I usually have a pot or two before most people even start their day.  There is nothing like a steaming cup of great coffee, first thing in the morning.  And it has to smell as good as it tastes.

Holland Farms

The ladies at Holland Farms on Oriskany Boulevard in Yorkville are always on hand with fresh cup every morning.  And the best part of getting your morning cup of joe at Holland Farms is, you get to have a jelly donut too.  You can't just have coffee, when they have the best jelly donut ever made.

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts not only provides a great cup of coffee, but they have a location right down the street from the radio station in Marcy.   Tadpole's afternoon routine includes a cup of coffee before hitting the air at 3 every day.  And on Fridays, he even brings in coffee for the office.  I love Fridays.  When we travel, we usually stop several times along the way for Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

Tim Horton's

Being Canadian, one of my favorite places to get coffee is Tim Horton's.  I stop in every time I make it home to Gananoque Ontario.  And I usually add a muffin or donut.  They make the greatest muffins.  And they have donuts you don't see anywhere else.  The dutchie and honey crullers are my favorites.  I've been told there are Tim Horton's locations in the Syracuse area but I've only been to the one at home or on the 401 while travelling through Canada.  If you're a coffee drinker and haven't had Tim Horton's coffee, you're missing out.  Next time you pass one, stop in and try it.  You won't be disappointed.

My House

Now if you want the best coffee there is, you'll have to come to Clinton.  There is nothing like my coffee, in my pot, at my house.   My husband does a pretty good job of making it too.  He'll even prepare it the night before and set the timer so it's ready for me each morning.  That in itself, makes it the best there is.  And since there is no pot, the clean up is so easy.

Big Frog Office Kitchen

From the best to the worst.  Our coffee at the station isn't bad, and it is free, but there usually isn't any.  It doesn't matter if you make a pot and come back two minutes later.  Nine times out of ten, the pot has less than an inch left  in it.  Why is it, everyone can drink the stuff but no one seems to know how to make it?  That's what makes this pot of coffee so unique.  There is actually some in it.

Where is your favorite spot to have a cup of joe?