Talk about a story to tell the grandkids!

Syracuse Police recently honored a man named Mark Lockwood after he proved himself a selfless, upstanding citizen.

Earlier this year on May 17, Syracuse Police were investigating a collision on Court Street, which involved an intoxicated male driver who had crashed his Mercedes into another vehicle. The driver, later identified as 48-year-old Lee Williams, fled the scene with an alcoholic beverage in his hand, and Emergency Services Personnel found him about one block away. But as Williams ran away, he dropped a large amount of cash on the ground.

Fast forward to a little later that same day.... Mark Lockwood was walking in the area and noticed some cash on the ground - about $18,950, in fact. Instead of pocketing the money and keeping it for himself, Lockwood picked it up and and turned it over to police so they could return the cash to the driver.

The Syracuse Police Department honored Lockwood with a Civilian Commendation this week, commending his kindness and integrity in a situation where he could have easily chosen otherwise.

"Mark, you have distinguished yourself and the Syracuse community by your actions, which serve as an example of how citizens should act," the department posted on its Facebook page. "Therefore, it's our pleasure to award you a Civilian Commendation."

A couple of days after the incident involving Williams in May, the Syracuse Police Department posted a detailed description of the situation and shared its appreciation for Lockwood's honest act.

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