Pizza Hut is testing out a beer and wine delivery service that could change the lives of pizza fans, beer and wine fans and most likely sports fans too. But they should be testing it here.

After all, Central New Yorkers know pizza, and we know beer(and wine).

Right now Pizza Hut is testing out the new wrinkle in their delivery service in Phoenix, Arizona, with just beer delivery. They're expecting to add wine to the options as early as January. is reporting the pizza chain hopes to expand adult beverage delivery to more markets in 2018.

If you find yourself in Phoenix, you can order your favorite Pizza Hut pie along with six packs of Bud Light, Bud Heavy(Budweiser), Shock Top and a local craft beer.

The beer comes in a specially made cooler, and delivery drivers will check ID to make sure they are delivering to people over 21.

Sounds like a plan that would work pretty well right here in CNY, although Pizza Hut would have a tough time deciding which local craft beer to include.

Or how about every restaurant that delivers adds a beer and wine option....that's definitely a world in which I want to live.


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