Central New York won't see any federal help for the flooding last July. FEMA denied New York State's request and appeal for major disaster assistance to areas of the Mohawk Valley hit hard by the flooding.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente has written a letter after nearly $10 million worth of damage. "I called your decision 'horrendous and wholly bereft of common sense.' You have one again proven me right, by denying the appeal of your decision.

As clean up continues from last Summer's flood, Picente is recommending "backing out of the community's share of the FEMA disaster relief fund's $6 billion price tag and let us use that money to deal with natural disasters here at home. I welcome the opportunity to explain this to you in person, if you ever do what's right and come to my community to explain your unwillingness to assist us."

FEMA doesn't think we qualify for disaster relief? Have they not seen the photos and videos from the July 1st flooding that caused water rescues, sink holes and roads being washed out? Looks like a disaster to me.




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