Farm Aid continues to support family farming. This year's festival came to Saratoga Springs with a surprised performance from folk legend Pete Seeger. The 94-year-old joined Farm Aid headliners Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Dave Mathews and Jack Johnson for 'This Land is Your Land.'  Seeger even added a new verse at the end of the song, 'New York was made to be frack-free.'

A crowd of more than 25,000 turned out for the annual event that began in 1985.  Watch Willie Nelson sing 'Roll Me Up & Smoke Me When I Die' along with his final song with everyone on stage.


Jack Johnson put on a cow suit and toured the SPAC grounds. Concertgoers had no idea who they were high-fiving, but it was a great way for a star to go unnoticed, into the crowd without being mobbed.  So if you had your picture taken with the cow, you can tell your friends you met Jack Johnson.


We Want to Thank a Farmer Again

It was so successful the first time around, we've decided to do it again. So we teamed up with White's Farm Supply, and James Wesley to ' Thank a Farmer.' Know a farmer that should be honored? Send us their name, pictures, video and a story about the farm and farmers.