A dog owner is warning of the dangers of a common house plant she claims killed her beloved pet.

The dog, named Lily, got into a houseplants and ended up at the emergency vet for nearly a week. "I’d like to spread the word about this houseplant because I had no idea when I purchased it that this little 6-inch plant would become my nightmare," Kate Wagner shared on Facebook.

The plant was a Sago Palm, a common house plant native to tropical regions. "All parts of the plants are extremely toxic to humans and animals, causing liver failure and death from even minimal exposure," said Wagner. "I have seen this plant for sale on the shelves at Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot sitting among other harmless household plants with zero warning label attached."

Photo Credit - Kate Wagner

Lily was put on a feeding tube and a medication schedule and was sent home. "There have been many tears shed, dollars spent, and guilt felt, all because of a $5 plant."

Photo Credit - Kate Wagner

Unfortunately, despite all the medication, Lily passed away. "She fought hard and gave us a couple butt wiggles just before she just couldn’t fight any longer," Wagner said.

"If you are a houseplant lover, please research your plants prior to purchasing," Wagner warned. "Even if you think the house plant is in a secure location, mischievous little paws may still get into trouble."

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