A truck carrying Pepsi products recently ended up off the road and in a pond in Otsego County, and the pictures are wild.

The Otsego County Sheriff's Office shared photos from the scene on their Facebook page, saying that two tractor trailers were involved in the crash along Interstate 88 near Worchester on Friday. Although there's no word on if anyone was seriously injured, the sheriff's office posted that they rescued the driver of the Pepsi truck using a rope.

A number of people, including Ben Corley, responded to the post on Facebook, both sending their thoughts that everyone was okay and making light jokes about the absurdness of where the truck landed.

"[T]hat towing recovery must have been a sight to see," Corley commented.

And Corley was spot on. Not surprisingly, it took a towing company five hours to pull the truck from the pond.

Otsego County Sheriff's Office
Otsego County Sheriff's Office

A number of other Facebook users chimed in about the poor conditions of that stretch of I-88, wondering if that was a possible cause of the crash.

"The entire stretch of 88 thru Worcester is hazardous, especially in poor weather," Jo Anne Cloughly commented. "Add to it the horrendous pavement that has everyone driving in the left lane and passing in the right and there you go....."

Police have not released the cause of the crash yet.

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