Parmalee say their motto is "Keep on plugging!" On Thursday night (March 26) in Rootstown, Ohio they had to keep plugging when a power outage kept them from plugging in. Fans with cell phones lit the stage and then helped the country quartet get through their new song, "Already Callin' You Mine."

The show was at the Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown. The power went out, and for a few moments the room fell silent, but lead singer Matt Thomas barely stumbles in the clip above. Soon the fans realize what's happened, turn their cell phones toward him and his three bandmates and sing along. It's a wonderful community moment.

"That’s our motto! 'Keep on plugging,'” Thomas told the Boot in 2014. "My dad always told us, ‘Ya’ll just keep on plugging, boys, and you’ll be all right.' So we always say that."

Most of the block lost power earlier in the day, but the venue's power came back on shortly before showtime. "Already Callin' You Mine" was Parmalee's second song. A few minutes later the power came back on, and they were able to go electric for the duration of the performance.

The band added another memory to a special venue for them. In 2014 they called the Dusty Armadillo one of their favorite venues, recalling how it was one of their first sell outs after getting a record deal.

"Already Callin' You Mine" is the fourth single from Parmalee's debut country album, Feels Like Carolina. The song comes on the heels of back-to-back Top 5 hits. Look for them to perform all their hits at Country Jam Colorado this June in Grand Junction, Colo.

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