The owner of a family run business in Rome is looking for the 'two degenerates' who broke into their restaurant.

As if the coronavirus pandemic wasn't hard enough for local businesses to keep their doors open, Eddie’s Paramount Diner on W Dominick Street in Rome is now dealing with thieves. Eddie Long tells the Rome Sentinel the men broke into a window on the east side of the diner just before 2:00 a.m. Saturday, August 29th and were inside for more than an hour. He shared surveillance video of the men hoping to "catch these two degenerates that broke into the diner."

One man is seen wearing a red hat and face mask and can be heard saying "look at all the food." The other man has on a grey hat, face mask and a shirt that says 'Thumbs Up.'

"Obviously must not be too familiar with the place, otherwise they would know that had Uncle Eddie known they were that desperate for food, he probably would’ve just given them a free meal," Lindsay Marie shared on Facebook.

If you recognize either man in the surveillance video, or have any information, you're asked to call Rome Police at 315-339-7780.

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