Really?! If dealing with COVID-19 isn't hard enough. Someone is driving around central New York, egging homes and vehicles. And it needs to stop.

A resident in Camden, who wishes to remain anonymous, came out to find her truck covered in eggs.


This isn't the first time either. It happened on her property a few weeks ago and although there are cameras, she says they didn't capture a clear image of the punks causing all the trouble. "We have been in our house 16 years and never had to deal with this."

She's not the only one getting egged either. Neighbors are seeing it too in and around Camden. "It’s just so stressful and not what anyone needs right now."

Wait, aren't we all suppose to be staying home to stop the spread? So who's going out wasting eggs, when there's a shortage, when they should be social distancing?

If you have that much extra time on your hands, maybe you should spend it being productive, making masks for our health care workers or even learning a new skill, like how to wash egg off cars without removing the paint.

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