Do you ever look at someone and wonder WHAT is going on in their head? We're certainly left wondering just that after watching this video of a masked New York man shoplifting a saw by sticking it down his knickers.

Yes, that's right. This smarty-pants thought nobody "saw" him stick the sharp tool down his trousers at a Fulton County store, but the suspect was caught on a security camera, and look who's laughing now?

Although the shoplifter got away with the saw down under, the Fulton County Sheriff's Office is now searching for him and asking for tips from the community. You can call the office with any information about the suspect at 518-736-2100.

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This man's shoplifting tactics may not be as sharp as the item he stole, but it's hard to be surprised that this happened in Upstate New York.

Earlier this year, a man was spotted standing on top of his car, putting gas in his four-wheeler at a Sunoco station in Chaumont.

Photo Credit - Todd Fleming


Plenty of other New Yorkers have gotten creative during the winter months, including whoever put this ATV on top of their car that was spotted at a Stewart's in Holland Patent.

Tracy Gilbert King

And who could forget this snowmobile crammed into the back of a VW Bug at a Cobleskill Walmart.

Photo Credit - Steven Carr

Only in New York, right?

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