National Hairstylist appreciation day is Sunday April 30 and we wanted to do something nice to recognize the men and women who keep us looking fresh.

Our hairstylists and barbers are the unsung heroes of our everyday lives. They work long hours constantly on their feet, give up their weekends and act as our personal therapists.

How many times have you ended a rough week with a trip to the hair salon and felt 100% better afterwards?

Yeah that's why they deserve a huge thank you.

We asked you to nominate your favorite hairstylists and barbers, and boy did you!

We received close to 3,000 nominations for dozens of different cutters, and narrowed the list down to the top 10 most nominated and the four most mentioned salons.

  1. Sarah Clark - Posh Salon, New York Mills
  2. Shantel Grower - Pure Hair Studio, Herkimer
  3. Jennifer Ellis - Jennifer Ellis Styling Studio, Utica
  4. Angel Aceto - Bella Vita, Utica
  5. Julia French - Curl Up & Dye, New Hartford
  6. Jennifer Pedrick - The New U, Little Falls
  7. Adria Oliver - Hair Studio 69, Rome
  8. Renee Dugan - Timeless Beauty Salon, West Winfield
  9. Wendy Ransom - Shear Perfection, Liverpool
  10. Lynne Robertelli - Blonde Ambition, New York Mills

With nearly 3,000 nominations, you can imagine there were dozens of different hair salons mentioned too. We thought it would be a nice bonus to recognize the salons that appeared in the nominations the most.

Those salons are:

  1. Hair Studio 69 - Rome
  2. Flawless Salon & Beauty Bar - Herkimer
  3. Nikki Marie's Salon & Spa - Ilion
  4. Tara's THairapy - Frankfort

Congratulations to all the amazing CNY hairdressers!

Thank you once again for all the long days, weekends, and ridiculous hairstyle requests you have to deal with just to make us feel good.



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