They're the unsung heroes of our everyday lives. Our hairstylists and barbers. National Hairstylist Appreciation Day is April 30, and we want to know who it is that keeps you looking good all year long.

They work long hours, weekends, and are constantly standing on their feet all day just so we can feel better about ourselves. And on top of all that, they have to go home and run a household too.

We want to help you send a big THANK YOU to your favorite hairdresser by recognizing him or her on Friday April 28.

Nominate your favorite hairdresser - you know the one who spends extra time getting your highlights and lowlights just right on top of listening to your problems like a therapist too - and we will recognize them for their efforts by thanking them on-air and on on Friday.

Hey guys, your hairstylist or barber deserves recognition too, they trim your beards, clean up that neckline and make sure you don't have hair growing out of your ears.

Because so many hairstylists are fantastic in their own ways, we aren't looking for a specific 'winner,' because they're all winners for dealing with us.

So, instead we are going to pick the top ten or so that you nominate and give them all the credit they deserve.


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