Leave it to an Englishman to make the 2012 Olympic torch run one of the cutest moments in the history of the games.

When David State made his run through northern England Monday morning, he was pumped for two reasons — one, he got to carry the Olympic flame for a part of its 8,000-mile journey to the stadium in London; and two, it marked the moment when he proposed to his girlfriend of 2 years.

After getting the okay from the Olympic powers that be, State organized a short break halfway through his jog to greet his eight-months-pregnant girlfriend Christine Langham. Then, in front of a camera crew and dozens of onlookers, he passed the torch off to a security guard, got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

Obviously she said yes. Who would turn down such a romantic and insanely unexpected gesture? The newly engaged couple didn’t have much time just then to celebrate, though, because State had to finish his run. But it’s something, he says, he’ll “remember forever.”

“How could you do this to me?” Langham joked later on, “I’ve got three weeks left. I could’ve had the baby there and then.”

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