Mother Nature isn't done with snow for central New York, at least according to The 'Old Farmer'.

The Old Farmer's Almanac and its long-rang forecast, which the almanac says can be used to "make more informed decisions about future plans that depend on the weather, from vacations and weddings to sporting events and outdoor activities," is predicting a big snowstorm in March.

We're not entirely sure how this jives with other very scientific weather-predicting methods. For example, the groundhog, Punxsatawney Phil, who didn't see his shadow, predicting an early spring which officially starts on March 19th.

According to the almanac, we can expect:

Mar 1-8           Snow showers, then sunny, cold
Mar 9-12         Rain to snow, then colder
Mar 13-22       Snowstorm, then flurries, cold
Mar 23-28       Showers, warm
Mar 29-31       Rain and wet snow

The almanac calls for a snowstorm in central New York between March 13-22. Wait what? That's not an early spring - who's correct here?

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It's probably best to take the prediction with a grain of salt and stick with science from the professional meteorologists.

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