There's a new tenant settling in at the Utica Zoo.

Officials have announced the successful birth of a baby Hartmann's Mountain Zebra at the zoo, saying the baby zebra, or foal, was born last weekend. Zecora, the mother Zebra, had been with a male zebra at her previous zoo, officials said, explaining the gestation process for zebras is 12 months.

Animal Care and Vet teams have been monitoring the mother Zebra over the past few weeks and the birthing process occurred without any complications, zoo officials said.

Mother Zecora and her new baby photographed in August 2022 (via Utica Zoo on Facebook)
Mother Zecora and her new baby photographed in August 2022 (via Utica Zoo on Facebook)

Zecora and her healthy baby girl are being allowed to bond in an undisturbed setting. Zoo officials stress their neither mother or baby are currently visible on exhibit at the Utica Zoo.

If you headed to the Utica Zoo's Brewfest this weekend, unfortunately it will be too soon to meet her.


Officials say they will post updates on Facebook about the baby's progress and make an announcement in the near future when mother and baby are ready to meet the community. In case you're wondering, she does not yet have a name.

Some fun facts about baby zebra:

  • Heavy Load: On average, a foal weighs about 70-pounds at birth
  • True Colors: The animal's stripped design does not develop overtime, foal are born with their full strip pattern
  • Ready to Rock: When a baby zebra is born, it doesn't waste too much time laying around or trying to learn to crawl. Experts say within 10-20 minutes a foal can stand, and they can usually walk, or even run, just an hour after birth

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