Oh baby! Let the countdown begin. April the Giraffe will soon welcome her fifth calf and it looks like it'll arrive sooner than expected.

April is in the late stages of her pregnancy at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. "April's behavioral and physical changes are suggesting she is very much moving towards having a calf in the coming weeks," says the communication team at the Park.

April's latest calf was originally expected in late March, however, park officials now think she may be ahead of schedule. "Wax caps have been present, and mammary development has begun."

The world watched and waited....and waited....and waited some more, for April to give birth to Taraji in April 2017. I watched April's backend for so long, I was getting concerned. And after weeks of watching, I MISSED the big moment.

I'm NOT missing the big moment this time. If you don't want to either, sign up for the labor text alert.

The park's Giraffe Cam already shows movement of the unborn calf and it looks like this time April will give birth in March, not April.

The Animal Adventure Park is ready for the new season and is tentatively set to open May 1. If you've never been, you need to make plans this year. It's so worth the trip!

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