Evil stands no chance thanks to newly sworn in Oneida Officer Jordan Barahmeh. Officer Jordan saved the city during his special Make A Wish at the Kallet Theater. 

Danger struck the city when "Doctor Diabolical" (played by Jeff Watkins of Cazenovia) took hostages at the Kallet Theater and threatened to blow the city of with a homemade bomb. Officer Jordan and his partner Officer Colella responded to the crisis, and Jordan saved the day. The city of Oneida helped make Jordan's wish come true, of being a cop.

Doctor Diabolical gave Jordan several riddles to answer, and once he answered correctly, the bomb would properly get defused. Jordan successfully saved the city, and the people of Oneida. The Doctor was then escorted down the street by Jordan to the jail to get booked.

A Community Celebration will be held between 3:30PM - 5:30PM at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant on Main Street in Oneida on Tuesday August 29th. Friends, family and the community are invited for an end of the day wish celebration with the guest of honor, Jordan.



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