The New York State Police are having a little fun since Halloween falls on a 'Warrant Wednesday' in 2018.

Each Wednesday NYS Troopers identify a wanted person or case that could be helped along by sharing it with the public and this week's warrant is a little different, because the suspect is allegedly 400 years old.

In a Facebook post the Troopers warn NY residents to "not take any police action yourself" if you see the suspect, but instead "contact The Ghostbusters or let us know your ghost hunting tips in the comments."

State Police say he refers to himself as "The Keymaster."

Troopers also stated "since handcuffs don't work on ghosts and we don't employ Bill Murray or Dan Akroyd, he has eluded capture"

It's nice to see our State Police get to have a little fun during their workday.

Happy Halloween!


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