When Sarah Toman stopped to gas up her 2019 Jeep Wrangler, she didn't anticipate the expensive damages that would come with it.

Toman stopped at the Stewart's Shop on Tower Drive in Middletown, New York to get gas before work last week. Little did she know what she thought was gas was actually almost 100% water.

According to a Facebook post, Toman went to leave after work and immediately knew something was wrong with her three-month-old car when it "would not drive correctly." Her mechanic couldn't figure out what was wrong, so she dropped it off with the dealership, who later delivered the bad news that her gas tank was full of water and they couldn't cover the damage under warranty. Toman's insurance company also said her claim would probably not be approved.

"I called the Stewart’s shop I got gas from and they admitted they had a problem yesterday with their tanks and said they’ve had numerous complaints," Toman said in the post.

She told Record Online the damages total to an estimated $1,013. Luckily, Erica Komoroske, a public relations specialist, said Stewart's will pay for customers' damages and rental cars if their location is found liable in the ongoing investigation.

"We are working with the gas supplier to identify the cause of the issue and rectify the situation for our impacted customers," Komoroske said in a statement to Record Online.

Toman urged others to not use this gas station and avoid expensive damages to their cars. If you've had issues or concerns with gas at this Stewart's location or others, contact their Consumer Affairs Department at 518-581-1200, ext. 2130.

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