The fate of the New York State Fair is still up in the air, but there will be no 4H activities this summer.

4-H leaders consulted with several people including administration, partners in Animal Sciences, and with State Fair leaders before making the decision to suspend 4-H's participation in the New York State Fair for 2020.

The cancellation of 4-H at the fair was based on several challenges and concerns:

• Overwhelming concern for the health and safety of our staff, youth, volunteers and families
• Uncertainty of when group gatherings can safely resume while following Health Department guidelines
• Overall uncertainty of the status of the NYS Fair
• Current recommendations provided by the CDC
• The need to provide clarity at the County level as you make plans for the summer

There has been no decision on whether the New York State Fair will be held as planned, August 21st through September 7th and no indication when that decision will be made.

"As the reopening of New York Stat progresses we will continue to listen and work with all of you to explore how to keep programming going during this time for the benefit and growth of our youth, families, volunteers and staff. We recognize and appreciate the efforts you are all making to explore virtual strategies to support the youth, families and volunteers of the NYS 4-H program. We are proud to support a program and system that works so hard to support the youth of our state and nation grow and thrive during this challenging time."

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