It's creepy and they're kooky,  mysterious and spooky, altogether ooky....New York's Governor's mansion. 

In a recent article from the AP, an important topic was discussed: Whether or not New York's governor's mansion is haunted. Granted, it's always haunted with politicians, the article wanted to highlight the home itself.

Current New York governor Andrew Cuomo has mentioned he isn't afraid of ghosts. However, he has acknowledged the house often has loud thuds that keep him awake at night.

"Now, I don't believe in ghosts and I'm a big tough Italian guy," Cuomo said "But I'll tell you — it gets creepy in that house and there're a lot of noises that go on, and you are very alone."

For someone who flips flop on political issues, he sure flip flops on ghosts too. He's reported apparitions in the mansion before. In an April speech in Harlem, he mentioned some of the ghosts sightings.


Former New York governor David Paterson, also believes the house is haunted.

Paterson told the New York Post that one evening, staff told him the sound of a vase smashing was caused by the spirit of the building's original groundskeeper. Paterson said his 5-year-old nephew also told him he could feel an invisible hand guiding him up the mansion's stairs."

Could the mansion truly be haunted, or are these reports something else?



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