Usually when it comes to UFO stories, UFO crashes, they deal with government agencies and cover ups. Did Griffiss Air Force Base cover up any UFO incidents in Rome New York?

Here's a handful of UFO reports that relate to Griffiss and some of it's staff:

1) Spring 1954

This report deals with an information specialist and his wife. Both saw a 20-foot wide disc-shaped object being examined on the ground by several men who were taking pictures, and supposedly they were told it was a military secret:

The craft had flashing and rotating multi-colored lights on top. The next day an officer told them the event was a military secret. Later police denied the whole incident ever took place. The disk had been loaded into a flatbed trailer, covered by tarpaulin and moved exclusively at night by a military team to nearby Griffis AFB in Rome NY, where it was hidden in a surface hangar. Another source confirmed that he accidentally saw and filmed this object inside the hangar at Griffis. Around 1956 the disk was taken to Nellis testing site in Nevada, or the Papoose range. On its way there the disk was studied at Wright Patterson. Because of its small size and weight it was transported cross country on a flatbed truck. Nothing is known of its alien occupants. The aliens possibly abandoned the disk after it soft landed (crashed) on the outskirts of Syracuse. Apparently the alien crew left the damaged or deactivated disk and it was probably found by the military with its entry hatch opened. There is also the possibility that the disk was a non-piloted alien reconnaissance probe that lost control and plummeted to earth. In the early 1990’s it was removed from the S4 site either to White Sands or to the Fort Huachuca underground facility."


2) July 1970

This report comes from the son in law of someone who was the duty head of the Rome Air Development Center at Griffiss:

He was up at an AF pilot radar site on the top of the Mohawk Valley at night running a test. He saw a ufo over the base below. He talked to the base control the next day and there was no traffic, or radar echos. He was a trained electrical engineer who had a long and distinguished career as a civilian researcher for the air force and is now long retired. He mentioned it matter of factly and said he never really knew what he saw..And did not share the entire story with me as he didn't want to be thought of as a ufo nut."

3) June 1973

In 1973, Investigator Raymond Fowler shocked the UFO community with one of the first credible accounts of a UFO crash other than Roswell. This crash took place in Arizona, but dealt with a staff member from Griffiss:

He was able to obtain a signed affidavit from USAF aeronautics expert, *Fritz Werner (pseudonym), who claimed to have been involved in the retrieval of an actual crashed UFO outside of Kingman, Arizona. What's interesting here is that *Werner told Fowler that he recognized several other officers who were also on the scene of the crashed UFO, including a highly placed official from none other than Griffis AFB in Rome, New York. If true, this would explain Griffis extreme interest in pursuing any UFOs in their area."




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